Sarah Enoch is a visual artist based in Duncan, Oklahoma. She employs various traditional and non-traditional methods to create successful mixed media paintings, drawings, and block prints.

Sarah is a senior in the undergraduate BFA program at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma. She uses her remaining time as a student to hone her work conceptually and technically, hoping to more deeply connect to an engaged audience.


“Adhering to one medium in my body of work hinders me from questioning not only my technique, but the reasoning behind why I make art in the process.  My inspiration comes from the irreplicable creative energy in everything from music to film, from fiber arts to photography and beyond. I continually ask myself why I make art, what it is that I’m trying to uncover and communicate to my audience.  That answer, at least for now, is that I believe in the existence of things beyond what the eye can see.  Things that are impossible to put a name to - feelings and thoughts and energy that makes life what it is.  The compositions I have included throughout this website are my attempts at giving these phenomena a face, and an earnest attempt to entice my audience to join me in this journey.”

 Sarah Enoch is a painter and printmaker currently based in Lawton, Oklahoma.  She mixes traditional techniques and ideas with experimental process and media to create striking, emotionally-charged watercolors, oil paintings and original prints.  Her current work focuses on personal emotional and mental growth, and is largely autobiographical.

Tel. +1 910 853 1820